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Melty Blues Song
How Many Sluts Do I Need To Kill? Country Song
The Master Blues Song
Smoke Pot & Play Guitar Blues Song
Gummo Blues Song
Hermaphrodites Blues Song
March of the Doom Slob Blues Song
Another Late Night Blues Song
Earl Bluegrass Song
Rolling on Syd's Grave Brit Pop Song
Bossanova Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Raw Lyrics Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Song for CosmicAlfonzo Blues Song
Do it for America (Reprise) Blues Song
Scream in the Belly of Time Brit Pop Song
Do it for America Blues Song
My Dog is Staring at Me Miscellaneous Song

2010 Submissions

Storytime 04 - Straight Story Voice Demo Song
Storytime 03 - Seer Voice Demo Song
Storytime 02 - Tt Voice Demo Song
Storytime 01 - Pgu Voice Demo Song
The Electric Toaster Blues Song
White Girl in Jamaica New Wave Song
The Black Wizard of Haiti Heavy Metal Song
Real Wild Miscellaneous Song
Inspired by Street Trash Blues Song
Bad Reputation Dance Song
Nearly Pregnant Ambient Song
Doodles for God Goth Song
All too Human Blues Song
Sixteen Tons Country Song
Pop Song Blues Song